Refugee Health Cuts Flowchart for Quebec UPDATED

Published on October 18, 2012 under Uncategorized

TORONTO, October 18 2012

Please see the attachment below for a table developed by Canadian Clinicians for Refugee Care (available in French), a coalition of clinicians, researchers and community health workers, providing information about health care coverage for refugee claimants and refugees. This information is provided for health care practitioners. The table applies specifically to Quebec, as there are certain differences between provinces. Although all information has been carefully checked by experts in refugee law and health policy, they cannot guarantee accuracy or completeness.

Also see the flowchart created by the No IFH Cuts Coalition to be circulated to frontline workers dealing with the refugee health cuts to help clarify the cuts. The flowchart is also developed to help people advocate for those affected. It will be updated once the Designated Countries of Origin list is announced.



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