Media Coverage of Open Letter to Joe Oliver re: Budget Bill

Published on November 22, 2014 under Health for All in the News
Media Coverage of Open Letter to Joe Oliver re: Budget Bill

Health for All, along with 160 organizations, signed an open letter to Joe Oliver, Minister of Finance, condemning the Budget Bill which includes provisions that will allow provinces to deny social assistance to refugee claimants, and potentially some groups of immigrants and nonstatus people. We oppose such a measure and deem this cruel and unusual. The media coverage of this action is below:

Rabble: Healthcare Activists snubbed by Joe Oliver’s consituency office staff



Torontoist: Health Coalition says Refugee Claimants Need Access to Social Assistance 


On November 19, 2014, Health for All member Ritika Goel did the CBC morning show rounds across the country. Listen to one of the interviews from CBC Manitoba here – clip starts at 11:00.



Toronto Star – Refugee Advocates Battle Federal Government Over Welfare



Op-ed in Toronto Star by Romero House: Canada Takes Another Step Away from Once Humane Refugee Policy

Canadian Press – Battle Over Refugees’ Welfare Coverage Looms Between Advocates and Ottawa 

Canadian Press – Advocates Prepare for New Battle with Feds Over Cuts to Refugee Benefits

Globe and Mail Editorial: Compassion, Commen Sense, Refugee Claimants and Omnibus Bills 

Rabble: First the Government Attacked Refugee Health; Now, it’s Welfare

Ethiopian Media Forum: Opposition Mounting to Budget Bill’s Denial of Benefits to Refugee Claimants


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