Event: United Against Raids & Detentions: Rally in Solidarity with Migrant Detainees


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November 23, 2014. 3:30 pm. 385 Rexdale Boulevard.
Buses leave at 2:30pm from Christie Pits Park.
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The Canadian immigration system is a pipeline of exclusion. Many are forced to leave their homes around the world, then are denied permanent residency and dignity here. Those of us who stay without papers are denied services. Our families are racially profiled, as we saw in the August raids enabled by the Ontario government — adding to the 100,000 people who have been deported by this government. Fearing their deportations, some like Lucia Jimenez Vega, are forced to their deaths. A report launched in June revealed that in 2013, thousands of detainees were locked up in 146 prisons across the country with no end in sight, and every year they have fewer chances of getting released ( One of the biggest detention prisons in the country is right here in Toronto.

So on November 23rd, we gather to show our solidarity with people imprisoned and deported, with their families and our communities. We raise our voices and fists as one: No One Is Illegal! Dignity over Deportation! Worker Control Not Immigration Controls! Access Without Fear! Status for All! Struggle and Solidarity Not War and Austerity!