Event: Health for All Workshop for Frontline Workers


Back by popular demand, Health for All Toronto is holding a one-day workshop for frontline workers interested in learning about migration and health!

“I will use this information directly in my practice with clients. I will be passing on what I’ve learned to my coworkers so that they are also able to use it to educate their practice.”

“This workshop got me thinking of ideas I never thought I’d think about.”
“This workshop was really helpful…and has really motivated me to become more involved in grassroots movements. “

Workshop participants will use participatory methods to explore reasons for migration, the history of Canada’s immigration system and recent policy changes, systemic barriers to health for those who are uninsured, and how we can work together to mitigate and remove barriers to health for this population. We will discuss the recent refugee health (IFH) cuts as an example of a policy change affecting the health of migrants in Canada. We will highlight the City of Toronto’s recent Solidarity City declaration as an opportunity for action. We will also provide practical “Know Your Rights” information to help navigate services available to clients.

In our effort to provide the most meaningful workshop for participants, we must limit capacity and therefore require attendees to register in advance. Although web registration is free, we are asking for a suggested donation of $10 or more, although no one will be turned away. Lunch and coffee will be provided.


9:00 –  Registration

9:15 – 9:30 – Introductions

9:30-10:45 – Migration Activity:Tracing how we got to Canada and reasons behind migration

10:45-11:00 – Break

11:00-11:30 – Myth-busting Activity: Myths & Realities of the Immigration system

11:30-12:15 – Timeline: Interactive history of settler colonialism, exclusionary immigration policies (exclusion) and resistance movements in Canada

12:15-1:00pm Lunch

1:00-1:45 pm – Immigration Status and Immigration System Changes: Breakdown of the Immigration System looking at types of status, numbers of migrants entering Canada and policy changes impacting migrants.

1:45-2:30pm – IFH Cuts and Access to Health Services: Breakdown of the health barriers faced by migrants including how migrants becoming uninsured with an explanation of the IFH (refugee health) cuts and resources for the uninsured.

2:30-3:30pm – Strategy Session: Solidarity City: How we as frontline workers can actively contribute to making sure all people can access services in the city irrespective of status and further the newly adopted City of Toronto policy

3:30pm – Closing Remarks & Workshop Evaluation